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Migrate from IncrediMail to Outlook

Sometimes, changes are an absolute necessity. Sometimes, they give a chance to fix things that went wrong or make something work better than it does now. But in every possible situation, changing something is difficult, since you are forced to step out of your comfort zone, forget your old habits and accept new rules.

Why migrate?

Since email applications are normally used on a daily basis, users quickly grow so accustomed to them that switching to another - even better - program sounds like a nightmare to them. One of the popular email applications that users have really come to like is IncrediMail. Once created as a more fun, more creative alternative to familiar and - let's admit that - rather dull email clients, it quickly gathered an army of fans worldwide and continued to offer more and more great features with every new version. With time, though, many users were forced to switch to more conventional and business-like email software like Microsoft Outlook.
Some did it following their employer's instructions, some faced functional limitations of IncrediMail and some were forced to migrate because Outlook had a plug-in or connector they simply couldn't live without. The reasons may be different, but the problem remains the same - IncrediMail to Outlook migration is not a piece of cake from any perspective!

How to migrate?

Incredimail to Outlook Converter CLICK TO DOWNLOAD is an efficient solution of this tricky problem that offers an elegant method of performing clean, accurate and fast IncrediMail Outlook data migration. The program was created for anyone, so it's not a professional tool with dozens of settings and parameters, but it's also not a one-button toy for novices. This IncrediMail to Outlook conversion tool is extremely balanced to give you just the right degree of control over the Incredimail conversion process, and yet keep it simple and intuitive. And, of course, no special knowledge or skills are necessary for successful IncrediMail Outlook conversion - the program saves you the trouble of having to know anything about the internals of IncrediMail IMM or Outlook PST files and the ways data can be moved between them!

Key features of IncrediMail to Outlook Converter:

  •   Unmatched ease of use and speed of IncrediMail to Outlook email conversion
  •   Intuitive and simple user interface
  •   Accurate conversion of attachments
  •   Automatic detection of the location of source IncrediMail data (in case IncrediMail is installed)
  •   Possibility to save converted emails in the EML format on your hard drive
  •   Possibility to save converted data to the default Outlook profile or a separate PST file
  •   Possibility to restore previously deleted messages from IncrediMail files

When it comes to data migration, the key problem of IncrediMail is its proprietary format that is completely incompatible with any other programs on the market. This factor alone makes IncrediMail to Outlook Converter an absolute must-have for anyone performing an IncrediMail Outlook conversion, either one-time or on a regular basis.

IncrediMail to Outlook Converter

With IncrediMail to Outlook Converter [ DOWNLOAD ] conversion of emails stored in IncrediMail IMM files turns into a real no-brainer. Once started, the program automatically searches your system for known IMM file locations and fills out corresponding path fields. This only happens if IncrediMail is installed on your computer. If it's not and you only have the data files, use the standard Browse dialogs to specify the location of message and attachment files. One of the key features that sets this IncrediMail Outlook conversion tool apart from its competitors is the way to processes data. First, it reads data from IncrediMail's database and only then does it start to extract data from IMM files, thus drastically improving conversion accuracy. Since the software works directly with the database, it also supports the recovery of previously deleted messages, but this is absolutely optional and up to you.

IncrediMail Outlook Converter ScreenshotIncrediMail to Outlook Converter is based on a batch file processor, which means that you don't have to select specific message files for conversion or convert them one-by-one. The program simply needs to know the location of the folder with IMM files and you need to decide which of them you'd like to transfer to Outlook or save as a set of EML files. This also means that you can uncheck the folders that you don't need or want to convert - such as junk mail, for example.

Once this has been dealt with, click the "Import" button to transfer your files to Outlook or "Save .EML" to import them to the EML format that can be later used in any other email program. This IncrediMail to Outlook migration tool also provides an easy way to convert and re-associate original attachments with newly converted messages, so you can rest assured that emails transferred to Outlook will have all their attachments in place. For ease of conversion, IncrediMail to Outlook Converter prompts the user for destination locations for converted data in every conversion scenario, be it an IMM to PST or IMM to EML transfer. When converting to Outlook or a separate PST file, the program asks the user to specify the folder the data should be saved to. When saving emails and attachments to the EML format, IncrediMail to Outlook Converter will also prompt for the destination folder on your hard drive. In either scenario, a subfolder is created for each IMM file you selected for conversion, so your original folder structure will be fully preserved.

System Requirements:

IncrediMail to Outlook Converter is available for 32- and 64-bit versions of all major Windows versions. The only requirement for direct IncrediMail to Outlook conversion is the presence of an installed and configured (the default user profile must be created) copy of Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Other than that, IncrediMail to Outlook Converter is ready to work "out of the box".


When it comes to transferring data from IncrediMail to Outlook, no competitors come close to IncrediMail to Outlook Converter in terms of flexibility, functionality, ease of use and consistency of results. Use it for one-time migrations or regular email transfers and recovery of deleted messages - and don't forget to download the free evaluation to try it in action! | About | Download | License | Instructions | Contacts Copyright © 2012 MegaSoft™ Development, Inc.